I started Wisteria Workshop seven years ago selling original pieces of reupholstered furniture and cushions at markets and independent shops. As my confidence grew I took on commissions which is now the core of my business. I also started having small upholstery classes taught in my workshop beside the Wisteria. Covid put  a stop to them and I haven't started them up again yet.

I am very passionate about saving our precious resources from waste and land fill. We really don't need to buy new every time as there are so many beautiful chairs that just need some work and they will last for many more years. 

In 2020 a new side of my business has developed in partnership with another recycling independent. We are reusing fabric and adult clothes and creating original quality children's clothes...Kinder Garments. 

2021 brought another exciting challenge to my business East St Emporium. |A collective of over 30 Makers and Designers within eight shops. I share a shop and directorship . We opened in September and are working hard to spread the word about such a beautiful shop.